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Autumn Winter Jewellery Trends: What's Chic for 2023?

  • 4 min read

Autumn jewellery trends 2023

October has arrived, and with it comes a whole host of autumn 2023 fashion trends. Refresh your wardrobe by tapping into the latest trends in jewellery with our handy guide to this season’s must-have styles.

Pearl jewellery autumn 2023 fashion trends

Statement pearls

Pearls continue to top the latest trends in jewellery, and with good reason – they’re enduringly timeless.

There were two main pearl jewellery autumn trends for 2023. On the one hand, the catwalks embraced statement power pearls. Don a pearl choker necklace like our black freshwater pearl éclat choker or a dramatic pearl lariat such as our golden South Sea pearl and cornelian lariatto turn heads.

Meanwhile, there was a simultaneous celebration of white pearl necklaces at fashion houses like Chanel and Chloé. Multi-strand pearl necklaces like our white freshwater pearl double strand design featured prominently, as did more unusual designs. Get the look with our new white Keshi freshwater pearl and chalcedony long necklace.

Pearl brooches

From Schiaperelli to Alexander McQueen, a key autumn winter 2023 fashion trend is the celebration of maximalist opulence by way of the brooch. Brooches lend majesty to any outfit, with our pearl brooches adding an elegant embellishment to any look.

Take a suit from workday meetings to evening drinks with our peacock pin brooch. If a brooch isn’t for you, try a sleek tie pin like our black Tahitian pearl and thistle tie pin or gold Tahitian pearl and citrine design instead.

Stacked hoop earrings

One set of hoop earrings just isn’t enough when it comes to autumn trends 2023 – you need to get stacking. Pair one set of pearl hoop earrings like our white freshwater pearl and gold-plated design with a smaller set for maximum impact.

Embrace girliness

The preference for all things pink and girly continues from the summer of Barbie into autumn 2023 fashion trends.

If wearing bows in your hair feels a little too childish for you, you can still nod to this feminine pink trend with your jewellery.

Wear a pink pearl necklace like our pink freshwater pearl medium strand necklace for a more mature take on the trend. Then pair with a pink pearl bracelet like our pink freshwater 3-strand design or even a set of pink pearl earrings to call attention to your candyfloss aesthetic.

Streamlined and sophisticated

You heard it from Vogue – less is more for autumn fashion trends in 2023. If the maximalist trends of the red carpet simply aren’t your thing, choose a design that accents your understated sense of style.

A long pearl pendant necklace like our white freshwater pearl gold-plated design makes for a simple yet stylish addition to work and everyday wear. Alternatively, pared-back pearl rings like our pink freshwater pearl and silver design are the ultimate addition to the ‘less is more’ look.

Glorious gemstones

When it comes to the latest trends in jewellery, gemstones often feature highly. But the vibrant colours, chunky tactility and geodic appeal of gemstone designs particularly rippled across autumn 2023 fashion trends.

Gems are easily incorporated into pearl bracelets, adding visual appeal to any armpiece. Our multi-coloured pearl and semi-precious stone bracelet makes for modish wristwear, inspired by the abstract art of Picasso and Frida Kahlo. Alternatively, embrace cooler tones with our black Tahitian pearl and moonstone bracelet or white multi-coloured ‘abstract’ bracelet.

Cuff bracelets

The autumn trends for 2023 are all about female empowerment.

Wear your own personal armour by opting for a pearl cuff bracelet. Our black Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ armband offers a strong aesthetic and is guaranteed to turn heads. Wear alone or with a matching pearl lariat for maximum impact.

For a truly striking armpiece, why not opt for our black freshwater pearl and ostrich feather cuff? A limited-edition design, this opulent cuff was inspired by Masai Mara warriors, and can be worn solo or with a matching collar necklace.

Mismatched earrings

You heard it here – asymmetry is in for autumn trends 2023. Seen on the runways of Fendi, Tory Burch, Gucci and more, the mismatched look is here for the winter.

Pair a single pearl stud earring like our white biwa pearl ‘classic’ design with a complementary pearl drop earring to create a unique contrast. Our white freshwater pearl, rock crystal and moonstone drop design would do nicely.

If this trend seems too daunting, you can always choose a more practical approach by opting for any of our ‘build you own’ earrings. The beauty of these designs lies in their versatility. With our white baroque freshwater pearl drop earrings, black seed pearl earrings or pink freshwater pearl and twisted silver earrings, you can choose to either wear or remove the ‘drop’ fixing, leaving an understated stud in its place.

Wear your rouge

Scarlet, vermilion, ruby, cherry, cerise – whatever colour red most suits you, you’ll be referencing a keyautumn winter 2023 fashion trend by incorporating a rouge design into your outfit.

Choose the burnt orange amber of a copper pearl necklace for a sophisticated take on the trend. Our copper freshwater pearl and smokey quartz lariat will bring a hint of laid-back glamour to any look, and pairs well with matching pearl studs. Or pair a copper pearl braceletwith a copper freshwater pearl ring for a more subtle approach.

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