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50 Shades of Grey Pearls: How to Style Them

  • 4 min read

50 Shades of Grey Pearls: How to Style Them

In the past, grey jewellery has been overlooked. But despite negative sayings like “feeling grey”, this achromatic shade is a chic and contemporary essential, for several reasons.

Firstly, grey pearls are incredibly versatile and elegant, complementing a wide variety of colours and outfits. From formal work attire to casual weekend looks and parties, you can’t go wrong with grey. Secondly, grey is a flattering shade with tones to suit every complexion and hair colour. Last but not least, grey pearl jewellery offers the perfect middle ground between bright whites and inky blacks if you prefer more muted hues.

Looking for some inspiration to help you choose the perfect design? Read on as we explore how to style grey pearls with countless different colours to suit your taste.

What to wear with grey pearls

Vivid jewel tones

If you love deep hues, then you’re in luck. Light grey pearls work brilliantly with jewel tones like purple, red and emerald green. This is because when worn together, these juxtaposing shades create a balanced look - the grey tones down the intensity of the jewel colour.

For example, place a grey pearl necklace on top of a richly coloured dress to make the silver undertones pop against the fabric’s darker backdrop. Alternatively, try grey pearl jewellery that features complementary semi-precious stones like amethyst, garnet and sapphire for an extra dash of colour.

Black and white

As black, white and grey are all colourless, they are a great combo for all occasions. Naturally chic with a professional edge, grey pearl pendants are the perfect addition to black trouser suits and crisp white blouses. Pair with subtle grey pearl stud earrings or small pearl hook styles to tie the look together.

For the weekend, opt for chunkier pale grey jewellery with slouchy black knitwear, or darker grey pearls with a simple white tee for a relaxed yet interesting finish. You can also add depth with different textures like leather, silk and lace, or by incorporating splashes of a bold colour such as red or pink in your lipstick or accessories.

Blue (from light to dark)

From deep navy to bold azure blue, it’s no secret that the full spectrum of blues pair wonderfully with cool grey tones. Likewise, greys with a hint of pink work well with warmer blue shades such as periwinkle and cornflower. As such, blue denims are a great informal pairing with grey pearl jewellery.

Whether you choose stonewashed jeans or a darker indigo denim, adding a multistrand grey pearl bracelet is a great way to add a little extra something to an everyday look, without being too overpowering. Pearl chain necklaces with grey pearls are another way to elevate your outfit without cancelling out the casual feel.

Soft pastel shades

Pale grey pearl jewellery with warm overtones is also an ideal accompaniment to dusky, pastel hues. In particular, soft pink or lilac knits paired with creamy grey pearls offer a dreamy, romantic feel. Thanks to their subtlety, light pink and grey styles are suitable for events such as work, all the way to date night, such as these two-tone pink and grey biwa pearl drop earrings.

Alternatively, for a more impactful look, try dark Tahitian pearls with brighter fuchsia or coral pinks. From layered chokers to grey pearl cocktail rings, we have a plethora of designs that are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Warm yellows

If you have a warm complexion that tans well in the summer, then you may be one of the lucky few who can pull off vibrant shades of yellow. As a fun, youthful colour, yellow can instantly lift your mood and add a positive feel to your chosen outfit, but what on earth can you wear with it? Well, neutral grey pearls would be the obvious choice.

In fact, leading paint manufacturer ‘Pantone’ named their Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a vivid yellow) colours, as their Shades of the Year in 2021. However, rich ochres and pale biscuit tones remain equally popular. Pair your chosen hue with neutral grey pearl earrings and a matching bracelet to add a calming yet polished touch to your look.

Meanwhile, our decadent black Tahitian pearl necklaces provide an eye-catching contrast when worn with bright hues such as lemon and corn yellow. We also stock an array of grey jewellery designs with citrine, agate and peridot to enhance your skin’s warm undertones.

Explore a stunning range of grey pearls at Coleman Douglas Pearls

From single strand grey pearl necklaces for the daytime to glamorous grey pearl earrings with multiple gemstones for the evening, Coleman Douglas Pearls has a myriad of grey pearl jewellery to browse online. This includes a choice of high-quality metals, including 18ct yellow gold, sterling silver and rose gold.

If you can’t find exactly what you had in mind in our current collection, or you’d prefer a one-off piece that no one else will have, why not try our bespoke jewellery service? Simply describe the piece you’d like us to create and our designers will work with you to craft a grey pearl design that ticks all the boxes.

Our pearl experts can also provide a colour matching service to help you determine your perfect shade of grey. During a one-to-one consultation at our London studio, you will learn whether you have a cool, warm or neutral complexion. With that in mind, along with your build, height and hair colour, you’ll then receive personalised advice on the best grey pearls for you.

Give us a call on 0207 373 3369 to learn more or email and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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