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How to Choose the Perfect Pearl Earrings for Every Occasion

  • 4 min read

How to Choose the Perfect Pearl Earrings for Every Occasion

Looking for a pair of pearl earrings, but can’t decide which type to go for? In addition to choosing a pearl colour that suits your complexion and fits your style, there are several other factors you may want to consider when choosing the best pearl earrings for you. Below we reveal what they are, helping you make the right choice.

Pearl size

As naturally formed gems, pearls come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing pearl earrings, the general rule is that the smaller the pearl, the more understated the look.

Small pearl earrings range anywhere from 4-6.5mm. They are ideal for teens, women with petite facial features and those seeking a dainty addition to their daytime looks. 

Pearls measuring 7-8mm are considered ‘classic pearls’. This elegant pearl size is timeless and suitable for any occasion, including work. Classic freshwater pearl earrings are comfortable to wear throughout the day and effortlessly boost your natural radiance without overdoing it.

For those seeking an extra dash of sparkle for the evening, larger pearls measuring 8-9mm could be the perfect option. If you really want to stand out and catch the eye of onlookers, we also offer extra-large pearl earrings measuring 11-13mm.

Earring style

Pearl stud earrings

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of earrings that can be worn for a range of occasions, pearl stud earrings are a great option. Simple and understated, small to medium pearl studs are ideal for everyday wear. Pair them with slim jeans and a slouchy jumper for a relaxed look or create a polished look for the office with a pearl pendant, silky blouse and tailored trousers.

Pearl studs can also be worn with statement pearl necklaces to create a balanced look for the evening. Alternatively, take your stud earrings from day to night with pearl cuff jackets or a unique build-your-own-drop design with delicate chain detailing.

Pearl drop earrings

Depending on the look you’re going for and the occasion in question, there are a myriad of pearl drop earrings to choose from. Short, pearl hook earrings with a single suspended teardrop pearl add a feminine edge to workwear. They also refine and complement smart-casual outfits, making them an ideal way to elevate a simple look for date night or drinks with friends.

For special occasions, longer pearl drop earrings with multiple pearls or a mix of colourful gems are ideal. They will catch the light as you move, brightening up your face to create a radiant glow. To further enhance this effect, combine lustrous pearls and shimmering diamonds for additional sparkle – perfect for brides on their wedding day.

Pair elaborate pearl drop earrings with a pearl cuff bracelet and cocktail dress to create a glamorous look for formal events that oozes sophistication. And, if you’d like to add a hint of mystery to your outfit, opt for iridescent black pearl earrings featuring pearls with a variety of stunning overtones.

Pearl hoop earrings

Another modern take on classic pearls, pearl hoop earrings can be worn in a number of different situations depending on the size and style. As with pearls, generally the bigger the hoop, the more dramatic the look. Small, sterling silver hoops with a single pearl work well for the daytime. Larger, gold hoop earrings are also on trend at the moment and are ideal for weekend socialising. Pair with a turtleneck jumper and jeans or opt for a bohemian style dress, layered pearl necklaces and boots for a more edgy look.

Got a party coming up? Our luxury 18ct pearl huggies with diamond-cladded hoops are the perfect choice. One of our mix and match styles, these pearl hoop earrings can be worn with or without the single pearl drop that comes with them, depending on the look you’re going for. However, for special occasions, make the most of your pearl and diamond earrings by wearing both parts together for a truly dazzling finish.

Face shape

Your face shape is another important factor to take into account when choosing pearl earrings, as certain styles suit particular face shapes better. That’s not to say you can’t opt for whichever design you like best. However, it’s something to bear in mind when making your choice, as opting for a complementary style can help to accentuate your best features and boost your confidence. Here are our key recommendations:

  • Oval faces – any shape and length of pearl earring will work with an oval face. However, for longer faces, large pearls will make your face look fuller.
  • Round faces– geometric styles help to break up the curve of round faces, while long pearl drop earrings elongate the face to create a slimming effect.
  • Square faces– rounded styles help to soften angular faces, making classic pearl studs and pearl hoop earrings ideal choices. If you prefer drop styles, choose a shorter length that stops above the jawline to avoid accentuating it.
  • Heart faces– if your face is wider at the top, you can add volume around your jawline with long drop earrings that widen at the bottom.
  • Triangle– if your face is wider at the bottom, shorter styles and pearl stud earrings will work best for you as they draw the eye upwards.
  • Diamond – like oval faces, diamond faces suit most types of pearl earring. However, statement, chandelier style earrings will look particularly superb.

Find the perfect pearl earrings for you

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we design and supply a vast collection of pearl earrings. From simple pearl studs for every day to intricate drop styles with vibrant gemstones for black-tie dinners, we have something to suit every taste, budget and occasion.

Browse the full range online or book a private consultation with our pearl experts at our London studio, and we’ll help you find the perfect pearl earrings for you. We can even tailor the pearl shade to suit your particular skin tone and hair colour. Contact us today to learn more.

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Models : Coleman Douglas Pearl Family, Friends, Clients and Muses among which: 

Friederike Krum, singer shot by Sam Simpson during one of her music video shoots
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