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Day to Night: 5 Ways to Wear Tahitian Pearls

  • 4 min read

Day to Night: 5 Ways to Wear Tahitian Pearls

As one of the rarest and most stunning pearl types in the world, Tahitian pearls are highly sought after and are very valuable.

A contemporary alternative to traditional white pearls, black Tahitian pearls can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit your personality, outfit and the setting you’re in. Whether these moody pearls are a new addition to your jewellery box or you’d like to learn how to style a set you’ve had for years, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for five of our favourite ways to wear Tahitian pearl jewellery for different occasions.

A brief introduction to Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are produced in black lipped oysters in the warm ocean waters of French Polynesia, East Australia, Mexico and Panama. To create their perfectly rounded shape, a mother of pearl bead is added to the oyster to provide the spherical template for the pearl to form around.

Predominantly known for their dark, distinctive colouring, Tahitian pearls come in a range of natural shades including silver, black, peacock green and purple. Though lighter hues including ‘white’ are sometimes produced too – all of which have grey overtones. They also complement a wide variety of skin tones, depending on the shade you choose. You can learn more about the best colour for your complexion and hair colour in our post on black vs. white pearls.

5 ways to wear black Tahitian pearls

1.    At the office

Black Tahitian pearls offer the same level of sophistication as white pearls, but with a modern twist. They instantly create a sense of authority when worn, especially when paired with a tailored power suit.

So, if you have an important meeting coming up, opt for a classic single strand pearl necklace made up of Tahitian pearls. Set it against a crisp white shirt or silk blouse and add matching pearl stud earrings for powerful, put-together look that is guaranteed to garner respect in the boardroom.

2.    Mid-week dates

Whether you’re grabbing coffee with friends or you’ve got a romantic lunch date to attend, Tahitian pearl jewellery is a great option. Add a bit of edge to a floral day dress with a multi-strand black pearl bracelet and a casual blazer or denim jacket. Or keep things simple with a cashmere jumper or loose blouse, dark jeans and low-heeled boots. Complete the look by adding an understated black pearl pendant with a complementary overtone for a subtle hint of glamour.

3.    Casual weekends

If you’ve always thought Tahitian pearls were a bit too formal for casual weekend outings, we’d like to introduce you to our leather and pearl jewellery collection. With a choice of tan or black leather strands and an array of different styles to choose from, the range has something for everyone.

Our chic tan leather pearl drop necklace with cool grey Tahitian pearls is perfect for elevating a simple white t-shirt, loose knit cardigan and jeans, while still feeling relaxed enough for the daytime. If you like darker styles, add a leather jacket and opt for our unisex black leather friendship necklace and matching pearl warrior bracelet instead.

4.    Informal parties

The latter combination is also great for informal parties and after-work drinks. However, we’d suggest swapping out certain elements of your outfit for the evening. Keep the jewellery and leather jacket, but upgrade to a fitted blouse, black skinny jeans, heels and a pair of chic Tahitian pearl drop earrings.

If you’d prefer to add a splash of colour to your look, how about a Tahitian pearl and amber necklace? With warm hints of orange, this beautiful design combines an array of natural elements to add depth and interest to monochromatic outfits. Wear with a contrasting white blouse for maximum impact.

5.    Black-tie events

Under the cover of darkness is where iridescent Tahitian pearls really shine. Look effortlessly elegant in an all-black outfit finished off with bold Tahitian pearl jewellery. Floor length gowns are the obvious choice here, with sultry off-shoulder styles and layered Tahitian pearl necklaces promising a dramatic look for the evening.

Alternatively, inject a hint of colour into your outfit by pairing black pearls with a striking red dress to create a stunning contrast. A classic black and gold pairing is also very alluring and is bound to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Tahitian pearls coupled with diamonds or sapphires are perfect for special occasions. Matching necklace and earring sets will suit the level of formality perfectly. Semi-precious gemstones like amethyst, labradorite and moonstone also complement black pearls and bring an extra layer of texture and interest to your moody Tahitian pearls, so dig them out of your jewellery box and prepare to steal the limelight.

Additional styling tips

  • If you have dark hair, consider tying it up to make sure your black Tahitian pearl earrings are visible – especially in the evening.
  • If your build is petite, stick to smaller pearl sizes for everyday wear and save chunkier Tahitian pearl jewellery designs for parties and formal events. If you are an average or larger build, larger pearls will look fabulous any time of day or night.
  • If you love vibrant hues, don’t be afraid to pair your black Tahitian pearls with more vivid colours like yellow, purple and green to really make them pop.
  • Remember, these suggestions are only guidelines. Take inspiration from your favourite celebrity pearl wearers or simply wear what makes you feel good!

Browse beautiful Tahitian pearls at Coleman Douglas Pearls

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we design and supply a range of eye-catching and award-winning Tahitian pearl jewellery designs.

From classic pearl strands to colourful tassel style necklaces and even leather warrior-inspired pieces, we have a style to suit every taste. The majority of our black Tahitian pearl designs also have a matching set of earrings or a complementary bracelet available to pair with them, so finding jewellery to match won’t be a problem.

Explore our full collection of Tahitian pearls online, or contact us to arrange a 1:1 consultation at our London-based studio and try our pearls for size before choosing the perfect set for you.


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