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  • 2 min read

Back to Basics

Chrissie started Coleman Douglas Pearls when she was just 29 years old. 30 years later her daughter, Natalia, joins her for the first time to co-design “Back to Basics”.

Natalia: Our first mother-daughter collaboration goes “Back to Basics”, simple design to put the spotlight back on the pearl. What makes Coleman Douglas Pearls unique is mum’s expertise - cultivated from 30 years as a pearl specialist - to match the right pearl shape and colour to your individual features, a seemingly simple service, but something that no one else does, and makes all the difference.  

We obsess over this simple, but unknown fact, that when the perfect pearl colour and shape is matched to your complexion, the pearl literally “lights-up” your face, enhancing your natural beauty. It is a simple trick of the light that will make you look stunning.

Chrissie: Most people think the classic white pearl is the only option. Although white is a good foundation, the right shade will make you look luminous, whilst the wrong shade can make you look washed out. The colour matching we do is all important.

Natalia: I was also amazed by the variety of natural pearl colours! A peacock black, an icy grey or a creamy gold pearl might better match your unique eye, skin-tone and hair colour. For example, my perfect match is a small, grey pearl on a yellow-gold setting, complementing my golden hair and accentuating my green eyes. Whereas mum’s perfect match is a HUGE creamy pink pearl on a silver setting, which accentuates her golden/silver hair and blue eyes, and matches her queen-like personality. 

Chrissie: The full spectrum of colours and shapes for pearls is vast, so with “Back to Basics” we chose the primary pearl colours (white, pink, grey, black) and sizes (small, large) and delicately encased each pearl in a simple sterling silver, yellow or rose gold leaf, suspended from a matching chain.

This range ensures your jewellery draws the eye of the beholder to the best features of your unique, natural beauty, making you look fabulous. Nothing beats the personal touch, so give us a call or email us at as we would love to help ensure you choose the perfect pearl shape and colour for you.


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