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Are Baroque Pearl Necklaces in Style?

  • 4 min read

Are Baroque Pearl Necklaces in Style?

Pearls have always been a go-to staple for both fashionistas and A-listers. And whilst there’s a spot in every jewellery box for a classic South Sea pearl necklace or alluring Tahitian pearl studs, now baroque pearls are fast becoming a must-have item in design-conscious wardrobes.

Treasured for their organic, contemporary look, each baroque pearl jewellery design is completely unique thanks to the beautifully imperfect nature of baroque pearls. If you’re new to them, read on for everything you need to know about baroque pearls, from how they come to be; through to how they’re best styled.

What are baroque pearls?

Pearls like South Sea or Tahitian are celebrated for their perfectly spherical nature. Baroque pearls, by contrast, are irregular and asymmetrical. Each baroque pearl is therefore entirely unique in shape, as well as lustre and colour. Due to their uneven texture, each baroque pearl reflects and refracts light differently. This adds multi-tonality and luminosity to each baroque pearl jewellery design.

As a result, baroque pearls are growing in popularity amongst celebrities and other trendsetters because of their one-of-a-kind nature. Not to mention the edgy, modern look they will add to any outfit.

How are they formed?

Baroque pearls are of saltwater origin, where they are formed naturally as the pearl ‘nacre’ accumulates in the oyster. Each baroque pearl is distinctive and individual, meaning that baroque jewellery is completely idiosyncratic too. One baroque pearl necklace will never be the same as another, making each design even more special.

Are baroque pearls expensive?

It is this combination of baroque pearls’ lengthy organic production process and their growing popularity that has contributed to the overall expense of baroque pearl jewellery designs. However, for those working with a more limited budget, freshwater baroque-shaped pearl jewellery offers a more affordable alternative for enthusiasts looking to join in the trend.

How to style baroque pearls 

As fashion-forward celebrities become more invested in wearing unique designs that reflect their personality and individual style, baroque pearl jewellery designs continue to pull increasingly greater focus across catwalks, high fashion shoots and social media feeds.

Whilst the likes of Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are synonymous with the classic glamour of spherical South Sea and Akoya pearl jewellery, today’s A-listers are embracing the chic individuality of baroque pearl designs.

With everyone from Ariana Grande and Janelle Monaé through to Harry Styles and Justin Bieber spotted wearing pearl jewellery, there’s never been a better time to add a baroque pearl pendant and matching set of earrings to your collection.

Baroque pearl necklaces

Emulate Gigi Hadid at the SavagexFenty show by layering a baroque shape pearl pendant and a baroque pearl drop necklace atop a sharp suit. This will add an instant touch of sophistication and style to upgrade your best work outfit for an event. For further inspiration, take notes from musician Caroline Polachek and pair a large baroque pearl necklace or choker with a black slip dress for day-to-night glamour.

Baroque pearl jewellery needn’t be limited to women only – in fact, the trend of men wearing pearls is only gaining more influence as the fashion world abandons outdated notions and embraces gender fluidity.

A baroque pearl necklace adds casual glamour to an outfit for wearers of any sex. Men can take inspiration from the likes of musicians including Shawn Mendes, A$AP Rocky and Troye Sivan, to elevate their evening look. Try styling a sleek silk shirt with a baroque akoya pearl necklace to tie everything together.

Alternatively, embrace the playfulness and colour of designer Mish Tworkowski’s latest baroque pearl jewellery collection, ‘Why Not’. Pair our black baroque Tahitian pearl ‘happy’ necklace with a vivid dress for a lunch date with friends. Or take it one step further and welcome in the warm coral colours of Mexico by opting for a baroque South Sea pearl ‘Happy’ necklace to remind yourself of holidays spent in the sun.

Baroque pearl earrings

Make like Adele and achieve an elegant ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ aesthetic with these statement-making white baroque freshwater pearl earrings. Combine with a sleek dress to take a bridesmaid’s look to the next level, or wear with a bright floral dress to a summer event.

Bring movement to any outfit and add length to your neck with a set of white baroque freshwater pearl long drop earrings. You could even double up with a set of black freshwater pearl and silver studs for a modern spin on a classic look that plays with the innate iridescence of each pearl.

Baroque pearl bracelets

Add sophistication to your wrist by donning a simple baroque pearl bracelet, or go for maximalism by layering chunky bangles and bracelets for an eye-catching effect. Baroque pearl bracelets pair beautifully with pearl rings for understated everyday elegance.

Channel the legendary power of Amazonian warriors and don your everyday personal armour by pairing the baroque black Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ armband and black Tahitian pearl ‘warrior’ earrings. Remind yourself of your innate strength as you turn heads with this award-winning design from Coleman Douglas Pearls.

Find your next baroque pearl necklace at Coleman Douglas Pearls

No matter the budget, style or occasion, we can help you to find or create your dream baroque pearl design. We work with top British silver- and goldsmiths to create award-winning jewellery that meets the highest ethical and quality standards.

Whether you’re looking for an heirloom pearl jewellery design that can be passed down through the generations, or you’re looking to create a piece for a particular special occasion, look no further.

Browse our full range of baroque pearl jewellery online or opt for our bespoke service and let us help you create a design that celebrates your story and complements your natural beauty. With over thirty years’ worth of expertise and experience under our belts, you won’t be disappointed.


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