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An Essential Guide to Pearls for Men

  • 4 min read

An Essential Guide to Pearls for Men

From Gucci and Dior to Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles, men in pearls have graced runways and red carpets since 2019. And this year, the pearls for men trend is ramping up.

If you’re intrigued by men’s pearl jewellery and you’re considering trying it out for yourself, there’s never been a better time to do so. At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have an eclectic range of pearls for men - everything from peacock-toned Tahitian pearl designs to classic white pearl necklaces.

Read on as we take a look at the men in pearls trend in more detail and reveal some of our favourite pearl jewellery for men.

Can men wear pearls?

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room. Can men wear pearls and pull them off? It’s a resounding yes!

While pearls are traditionally associated with ultra-feminine icons like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, leading fashion houses like Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Marc Jacobs have all featured pearls for men in their recent collections.

We’ve also spotted numerous male celebrities wearing pearls since One Direction star Harry Styles sparked the trend with a single pearl earring at the Met Gala in 2019. In fact, Pharrell Williams, Jayden Smith and the Jonas Brothers, have all been seen modelling pearls over the past couple of years. And Pierce Brosnan was even featured on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing a black pearl necklace not so long ago.

As such, pearls for men are no longer that uncommon. Now that jewellery is generally more gender fluid and less limited by outdated preconceptions, pearl jewellery for men has entered the mainstream market, and it’s here to stay.

However, men wearing pearls isn’t a new phenomenon. From Indian Maharajas to Chinese nobility and Britain’s very own Charles I, men’s pearl jewellery has existed for centuries. Explore some of our favourite pearl jewellery designs for men below.

Men’s pearl jewellery ideas

Single pearl strands

A single strand of white pearls is a staple piece for any jewellery box. Timeless and iconic, white pearl necklaces are now a firm favourite of male celebrities, with A$AP Rocky rarely seen without one.

To channel this slightly androgynous men in pearls look, you’ll first need to decide how bold you’d like to go. The larger the pearls, the bolder the statement, so if you’re looking for jewellery to match a daring personality, a 7.5-8mm pearl design will be ideal. But if you are after an understated look for pearls for men, you may prefer a subtle small pearl strand.

We also offer a choice of lengths and our single strand pearl necklaces come in a variety of colours. If white doesn’t appeal to you, why not try a contemporary grey pearl necklace or a multi-tonal black pearl necklace to add interest to your outfit?

Tahitian pearl necklaces

If traditional pearl necklaces don’t fit your style, our moody Tahitian pearl friendship necklace is a great alternative. Featuring a raw, black leather strand and three iridescent black Tahitian pearls, this unisex necklace design challenges the ordinary and proves that men’s pearl jewellery can be both edgy and masculine.

The strand can be adjusted to your desired length depending on the look you’re going for and we also stock matching black pearl bracelets to tie everything together.

Warrior-inspired bracelets

As mentioned, our pearls for men range also includes an array of pearl bracelets. However, a firm favourite has got to be our Warrior designs. Inspired by the wild and unpredictable natural origins of our pearls, we know our pearl farmers by name, who source each pearl individually from the untamed sea - consciously produced for our wonderful clients who wear them.

If you’re looking for a simple design, opt for a tan or black leather strand with a single Freshwater pearl. Alternatively, our black Tahitian pearl warrior bracelet woven with multiple silver pearls creates an eye-catching, laidback finish.

Pearl cufflinks and tie pins

For more formal occasions, why not add the finishing touch to your suit with a chic set of pearl cufflinks and a complementary pearl tie pin? Whether you prefer classic bar cufflinks or sterling silver chain designs, monochrome double ended pearl cufflinks or two-tone styles, we have a plethora of options to suit your taste.

We also design sleek Biwa pearl tie pins to match your pearl cufflinks, as well as more ornate Tahitian pearl designs with additional gemstones or sculpted metalwork. These are perfect for creating a focal point in an otherwise simple suit and tie look.

Find pearls for men at Coleman Douglas Pearls

With over thirty years’ experience, our forward-thinking jewellery artisans pride themselves on creating versatile pearl jewellery for both men and women. Each handcrafted design is created with a mix and match approach in mind, so that you can wear it in several different ways and with a variety of harmonising pieces to create a cohesive look.

We also have a broad range of pearl colours to choose from, depending on your skin tone, hair colour and personal preference. Whether you’re looking for a grey pearl necklace, a black pearl bracelet or even a set of white pearl earrings, we have it all.

Browse our entire collection of pearls for men online to find the perfect design for you or book a private consultation at our London studio and let us help you narrow down your search. Alternatively, we can work with you to create a bespoke design.


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