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A Note From Me (Chrissie) To You

  • 2 min read

A Note From Me (Chrissie) To You

Dearest wonderful CDP clients,

I am thinking of you and hoping you are all safe and sound. It’s hard to believe that it’s been just four weeks since we were asked to isolate ourselves! I am currently quarantining with my wonderful husband - Andy. His culinary specialty is baked beans on I amgiving full expression to my creativity whilst cooking in the kitchen (an awesome brownie recipe (here) if ever you need one).

Three things I have noticed: 

  • The generosity of strangers. Humans are absolutely incredible - whether that is our daughter's friend who gifted us his home during quarantine; or the key workers & NHS staff who are battling hard to make all the difference. 
  • Having the time to have a proper chat. Reconnecting with long-lost friends or having a 1 hour catch-up call with your nearest and dearest. This moment of “pause” is gifting me the time to really listen. 
  • Making new friends. Seeing as going to Sainburys is now the highlight of my week! I love the simple friendship with the check-out staff; or the guy who sells us local eggs. Some form of connection & shared laughter to combat the isolation of social-distancing.

Anyway, enough from me. Sending you my love wherever you are and a little bit of fun:

  • Favorite Music Album (here) - dancing to Buena Vista Social Club whilst cooking (clearly my Latin American roots there!)
  • Recommended Podcast (here) - the modern philosopher Alain de Botton sharing some interesting & positive insights on COVID (the link is right at the bottom of the page)

Xx Chrissie

P.S. An idea - I am sending little gifts to friends in the post, to remind them that I am thinking of them, even though we are far apart. A couple of gift ideas below…

  1. A simple pair of drop earrings here
  2. A classic strand of white pearls here
  3. My favourite multi-strand bracelet here


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