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A Guide to Birthstone Jewellery & Its Meanings

  • 5 min read

A Guide to Birthstone Jewellery & Its Meanings

When I first had my daughter, the majority of pieces on my wish lists centred around wearing a piece of jewellery that would make her feel close to me, no matter where I was – her birthstone was diamond, which became a centrepiece in my pearl designs.

Now I am more focused on creating timeless pieces that work for both of us regardless of age or style – my birthstone is garnet. Simplicity and elegance more than anything else, pieces that one day she will inherit. After all, she can always have stones reset if they’re not to her taste – or if she wants them to feel just as much hers, as her mothers.

For me, birthstones have always given that subtle personal touch to any piece of jewellery. They make a piece unique to you and your story. Read on to discover your birthstone, its meaning and some charming birthstone jewellery designs that incorporate it.

Birthstones by month

1. January – Garnet

Characterised by its vivid red hue, garnet is a grounding stone often associated with love and light. At the height of the Roman Empire, garnet was also popular amongst warriors who wore it as a protective symbol in battle. If you were born in January and you like to wear colourful jewellery, opt for a striking birthstone necklace with a mix of pink freshwater pearls, rose quartz, garnet and amethyst and a matching bracelet.

2. February – Amethyst

A popular and highly resistant quartz, amethyst is beautiful and practical. It comes in various shades from lilac to dark purple and has been linked with everything from wealth to spirituality and healing over the years. If you’re looking for amethyst birthstone jewellery, a simple amethyst drop necklace is ideal to wear throughout the day. For the evening, opt for eye-catching amethyst drop earrings with black pearls.

3. March – Aquamarine

Meaning ‘seawater’ in Latin, aquamarine is a stunning blue-green birthstone with clear links to the ocean. Early sailors wore it to protect them at sea, while others view aquamarine as a stone which symbolises a “go with the flow” approach to life. Due to its associations with water, it can also represent harmony and serenity. At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have a variety of designs featuring aquamarine, including beach-inspired abstract bracelets and luxury Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklaces for special occasions.

4. April – Diamond

Diamonds are highly prized for their beauty, durability and clarity. Due to these qualities, they are often associated with strength, love and commitment. Depending on the style of jewellery you prefer, we offer an array of pearl designs set with diamonds for those born in April. In particular, our pearl and diamond earrings range includes studs, hoops and drop designs, adding subtle glamour to your outfit.

5. May – Emerald

Renowned for their rich green colour, emeralds have been used in jewellery since the Ancient Egyptian era, and later, the Romans dedicated them to Venus – Goddess of love and beauty. Since then, they’ve symbolised everything from wisdom to patience and growth, due to their association with nature. When it comes to emerald birthstone jewellery, we can create a bespoke design to reflect your style and the fact that you are a May baby.

6. June – Pearl

While birthstone meanings vary greatly, pearls have long been associated with honesty, purity and beauty. In Chinese folklore they represent wisdom, while others view them as symbolic of dedication, given their lengthy growth process. Pearls are also available in a spectrum of colours, each with their own connotations. For instance, traditional white pearls have a classic elegance, while black pearls have a more modern edge.

Choose a classic single strand pearl necklace for a timeless and versatile finish or change things up with a leather or chain pearl necklace. You could also try a fun multicoloured pearl bracelet, delicate pearl pendant or a unique pearl ring for style.

7. July – Ruby

Another vibrant red stone, rubies are some of the most expensive and sought-after gems in the world. The Ancient Hindus coined them the “King of Gems” and associated them with sacred powers, including protection from evil. Due to their red colour, rubies have also been linked with traits such as passion, love and strength. For a custom ruby birthstone necklace tailored to you, simply enquire online.

8. August – Peridot

The modern August birthstone, peridot features a unique yellow-green tone that the Ancient Egyptians associated with the sun and protection at night. In Hawaii, peridot is linked to Pele – Goddess of fire and volcanoes – and strength, due to its volcanic origins. At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we supply a myriad of designs featuring this colourful gem, including abstract lariats and bracelets that are sure to add personality to your outfit.

9. September – Sapphire

Having laced the robes of kings and priests since the Middle Ages, sapphires are thought to symbolise nobility, loyalty and spirituality. They come in a number of hues, but blue sapphires are the most common and popular - famously featuring in Princess Diana’s engagement ring, later gifted to Kate Middleton. For birthstone jewellery, our gold branch rings with vibrant sapphires and tsavorites provide a stunning alternative.

10. October – Tourmaline

While many tourmalines are dark pink, this modern October birthstone comes in more colours than any other gemstone. In addition, tourmalines can feature two or more colours within their unique, 3-sided prisms, making them synonymous with creativity and playfulness. Perfect for Autumn-born trend-setters with big personalities, you will find tourmalines in our bold Tutti Frutti bracelets and our Happy tassel pendants, amongst other designs.

11. November – Citrine

The cousin of amethyst, citrine looks a lot like topaz and can be heated to bring out its unique colouring. Thanks to its yellow-orange tone, this birthstone’s meanings include positive traits like joy, optimism and happiness, while its subtle brown tones give a grounded, earthy feel. A common feature in our more abstract pieces, citrine also works beautifully when paired with our warm copper pearl necklace designs.

12. December – Tanzanite

Another gem enhanced through a firing process; tanzanite boasts a blue-violet colour which resembles that of sapphires. However, this modern birthstone found near Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is more affordable. It is also very delicate, making it most suitable for bespoke earrings and pendants. Due to its shade, tanzanite can symbolise intuition and calmness - ideal for the level-headed born in December.

Explore birthstone jewellery at Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whether you were born in the depths of winter or at the height of summer, at Coleman Douglas Pearls, we have the perfect birthstone jewellery for you.

Browse our full range of pearl and gemstone jewellery online, or contact us regarding a custom design and we’ll craft a one-off piece to fit your exact requirements.


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