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A 30th Anniversary Bash

  • 2 min read

A 30th Anniversary Bash

CDP 30th anniversary


30 years ago the world was very different to how it is today. The rapid advances in technology and society have led to vast enhancements in the lives of many across the globe. Indeed, why is the number 30 so special to Coleman Douglas Pearls? Because in 1989 Coleman Douglas Pearls first opened its doors to the public. Founded by Chrissie Douglas a pearl specialist, designer and the driving force behind this vibrant international pearl jewellery brand who,over the years, Chrissie has come to symbolise her beloved brand.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Coleman Douglas Pearls, we held a special party that united both lifelong and recent clients in a celebration of all things pearls.  Guests were greeted at our Knightsbridge boutique by champagne, elegant canapes, and Prestat Fine Truffles (hand selected by Chrissie herself). The 30th party saw a coming together of the fundamentals that Coleman Douglas Pearls represents with history and tradition mingling with expertise, design, craftsmanship and elegance.






Clients from all over the World visited the boutique, some as far as South Africa, a testament to the faithfulness of Coleman Douglas Pearls’ clients and the marker of a Pearl anniversary for a pearl-centric company of 30 years. 

CDP 30th party

Founder Chrissie took the opportunity to thank clients for their custom over the years and her industry leading knowledge as well as her amicable character and passion for pearls was on show as she advised clients as to their optimal pearl colours and styles. Several guests, who had bought pearl jewellery items over 20 years ago, came with their pearl necklaces, or pearl bracelets so that Chrissie could further advise them by matching them to the perfect match in pearl earrings and in some cases pearl rings !

There was a professional photographer on hand to capture the many cameos of this special party and to take personal portraits of each guest to record their very own #mycdpearls  moment. 

Chrissie and all at Coleman Douglas Pearls would like to raise a flute of champagne and thank all those who attended our 30th anniversary party and in particular for all of their support and custom over the years.


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