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Pearl Jewellery for Christmas: 12 Gifts for Friends & Family

  • 4 min read

Pearl Jewellery for Christmas: 12 Gifts for Friends & Family

Due to their timeless and versatile nature, pearls make perfect Christmas jewellery gifts for every member of the family. From mums and dads to sons, daughters and even close friends and colleagues, choosing pearl jewellery for Christmas is easier than you may think. However, if you need some inspiration for your giftee, then read on as we list 12 fabulous pearl jewellery gift ideas for the festive season and beyond.

Christmas pearl jewellery gift ideas

Pearl jewellery for mum

1. White pearl necklace

A white pearl necklace is a staple piece for any woman’s jewellery box. From creamy Biwa styles to luxury sets of South Sea pearls, there’s a design to suit every budget and taste. Channel vintage glamour with this classic medium freshwater single strand necklace, designed to flatter a variety of complexions and suitable for any occasion.

2. Baroque Pearls

If you suspect your mum would like jewellery for Christmas that’s a little different from the norm, then our baroque pearls collection is the perfect choice. Each gem featured has a distinct shape that is different from any other. As such, baroque pearl jewellery is entirely unique, just like this understated yet eye-catching baroque pearl pendant.

3. Grey pearl earrings

Alternatively, our grey pearl earrings range offers a contemporary twist on typical styles. Choose from a myriad of designs with warm or cool overtones to flatter your mum’s skin tone. We also stock a number of two-tone styles if you can’t decide between shades. But if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a chic pair of grey Biwa pearl studs.

Pearl jewellery gifts for daughter

4. Pink pearl bracelet

Pink pearl bracelets are perfect Christmas jewellery gifts for those looking to add a dash of colour to neutral outfits. For younger women, we’d recommend bracelets with small pearls to avoid overpowering petite frames. Simple pink pearl chain bracelets are great for every day, while layered and abstract styles are best for parties.

5. Long pearl necklace

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find long pearl necklaces. These highly adaptable pieces are especially flattering on taller frames and come in an assortment of designs and colours. They can be worn in multiple ways to suit your daughter’s style. Browse exquisite chain designs and vivid silk styles, both ideal for the daytime.

6. Pearl choker necklace

After elegant yet edgy jewellery for Christmas that will suit your daughter? Then a modern pearl choker necklace could be just the ticket. Available in black or tan, our Parisian leather chokers are bound to go down a treat – particularly with twenty-somethings. They’re also a fantastic transitional piece that can be worn day or night, any season.

Pearl jewellery for dad

7. Pearl cufflinks

When choosing jewellery for dad this festive season, we’d suggest keeping things simple. Pearls are a non-conventional item for most men, so subtle accessories are the safest option. With that in mind, pearl cufflinks are a good place to start. These grey freshwater pearl cufflinks offer the perfect balance between black and white.

8. Pearl tie pin

Likewise, our lustrous Biwa pearl tie pins make practical yet unique Christmas jewellery gifts for dads. Whether you think he’ll prefer stormy black, sleek grey or classic pearly white, pair it with matching cufflinks to create an effortlessly stylish set that will guarantee a cohesive finish for special occasions.

Pearl jewellery ideas for son

9. Black pearl bracelet

Black pearl bracelets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for your son, but certain designs make remarkably popular jewellery gifts for men. For example, our unisex black pearl and leather warrior bracelets with adjustable straps are one of our bestselling items for men. We also stock luxury Tahitian versions too.

10. Pearl necklace for men

Buying for a trendsetting younger man? Then a black pearl necklace could be right up his street. Inspired by the likes of Harry Styles and Timothée Chalamet, pearl necklaces for men are on the rise. Opt for a raw leather Tahitian pearl design or bring out his androgynous side with a peacock-toned black freshwater pearl necklace.

Pearl jewellery gifts for friends

11. Freshwater pearl earrings

Searching for beautiful but affordable jewellery gifts for friends? Then take a look at our freshwater pearl earrings. From simple studs to pretty pearl drops and punchy hoop designs, there’s a style for everyone. Choose a design based on their current jewellery choices, opt for their favourite colour or find a hue to suit their complexion.

12. Simple pearl pendant

Our simple pearl pendants are also great stocking fillers for friends and family. Each pared back design will add a touch a sparkle to their everyday outfits without the risk of overwhelming the look. A Back to Basics white freshwater pendant on a sterling silver chain will complement many looks. We also supply pendants with pink, grey and black pearls. Plus, there’s the option to upgrade to a yellow or rose gold chain if you wish.

Discover exquisite pearl jewellery for Christmas

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our vast collection of pearl jewellery has something for every style, gender, age and budget. Whether you’re shopping for a traditional dad taking his first steps into the world of pearls or a fashionable daughter who follows all the latest trends, we have all theChristmas jewellery gifts you could need.

We also sell a range of pearl accessories including pearl-infused perfume and silk jewellery pouches to keep pearls safe whilst travelling. If you’re still feeling unsure about which item to choose, our CDP Gift Cards are the perfect solution.

Alternatively, our bespoke jewellery service enables you to create a custom pearl design for someone special in your life. Contact us today to learn more. 




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