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Gifting Pearl Jewellery: How to Choose the Perfect Design

  • 4 min read

Gifting Pearl Jewellery: How to Choose the Perfect Design

Pearl jewellery is timeless. As such, when it comes to gifting jewellery to a loved one, choosing pearl designs is a foolproof decision. The very best pearls make for heirloom pieces that can be cherished through the years. They can be styled for either a contemporary or classic look, and are versatile enough to wear day to night.

However, when gifting pearls to a special someone in your life, it’s also important to  take into account elements such as their personality, features and complexion. As well as their lifestyle and aesthetic. For example, a pair of stud pearl earrings adds elegance to an everyday look, and is therefore ideal for the more laidback individual. Meanwhile, decadent pearl rings make for a glamourous addition to evening wear.

If you’re not sure where to start, this article will help you decide how to choose the perfect pearl design for your loved one. Alternatively, our CDP gift card will allow them to make the decision for themselves.

What to consider when gifting pearls

Gifting pearls to a loved one makes for a classic present, but it’s nonetheless worth taking the time to consider their individual style and design preferences. That way, you can ensure you’re giving them a piece of jewellery that they’re bound to love.

Skin tone and complexion

Typical skin tones are cool, warm or neutral. This will determine an individual’s overall complexion, as well as the kind of jewellery that suits them best.

Individuals with darker complexions will better suit warm, rich colours, such as those in our black and copper freshwater pearl silk bracelet. Meanwhile, fairer complexions and paler skin tones suit cooler colours like greys and blues. They are also strikingly offset by the aubergine and emerald green tones found in Tahitian pearl jewellery.

If you’re uncertain about the recipient’s skin tone or complexion, then black and white pearl designs are an ideal choice, as their neutrality will complement and highlight the features of each individual.


The style and aesthetic of the wearer will help you to select the right gift. Are they fans of statement pieces that reflect their quirky, bold personality, or is a simple, delicate design more in keeping with their character? Thinking about the kind of jewellery that you’ve seen them in will help to guide your thoughts on gifting pearls.

A single strand pearl necklace makes a thoughtful present for most of us. Classic and sophisticated, pearl necklaces are unbeatable for their understated glamour. You can also read more about suitable pearl jewellery gifts for Mother’s Day on our blog.

Alternatively, if you’re after pearl jewellery for a partner or friend, then our white and grey freshwater pearl bar cufflinks combine sterling silver with sleek freshwater pearls for a refined and distinctive addition to any suit.

Meanwhile, if you have individuals in your life with a more avant-garde style, then you’ll be hunting for jewellery gifting ideas to match their colourful aesthetic. Our pearl accessories will elevate any outfit, providing a splash of drama through alluring and idiosyncratic jewellery designs, while complementing wearers of all genders.


Thinking of gifting pearls as an everyday reminder to your loved one? Or perhaps you’re purchasing a pearl jewellery design for a specific, celebratory occasion like an anniversary? The occasion will factor into your choice of pearl jewellery, and may also determine the value of the pearls you’re looking for.

Pearl pendants or necklaces are ideal presents for working women, and can be dressed up or down, bringing sophistication to a suit or a touch of class to office wear. A white freshwater pearl short pendant would also make for a sweet birthday gift for a teenager, and could be paired with matching pearl studs for a cohesive look.

However, if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind designs for special occasions – such as those that comprise our selection of pearl bridal jewellery – then your budget is likely to be higher. Consider gifting statement pearl designs like our white South Sea pearl and diamond ‘tsarina’ stud earrings or white akoya and South Sea pearl necklace with diamond centrepiece for a truly unforgettable look.

And if you’re searching for gifting jewellery ideas for someone with a June birthday, then don’t forget that pearls (alongside moonstone and alexandrite) are that month’s birthstone! Honour this special day by choosing pearls that can be worn with pride throughout the month (and beyond).

Value and budget

Whilst the occasion may impact your overall budget for gifting pearls, it’s possible that you have a set limit that you’re keen to stick to.

Freshwater pearl jewellery is the most affordable option as the pearls are more readily available and tend to be very affordable. As such, a simple set like our white biwa pearl classic studs will make an ideal gift for day-to-day wear.

Tahitian and South Sea pearls, on the other hand, are amongst the most valuable on the market, and are particularly prized for their lustre and iridescence. Provided that they are properly maintained, these pearls also hold their value well over time. This makes for exquisite investment pieces to be handed down through the generations.

Find the perfect pearl jewellery at Coleman Douglas Pearls

With over thirty years’ worth of experience in the pearl industry, Coleman Douglas Pearls can help with gifting pearls to your special someone. From understated pearl necklaces through to bolder pearl bracelets, we’ll help you to select a gift that illuminates and enhances the recipient’s individual features and style.

If you’re planning on gifting jewellery to a loved one and would appreciate some one-on-one advice, book a personal consultation with our expert team. With just a few questions, we’ll help you choose the perfect piece or even create a bespoke design that’s customised to the wearer.


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