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7 Must-Have Pearl Necklaces for Your Jewellery Box

  • 4 min read

7 Must-Have Pearl Necklaces for Your Jewellery Box

The pearl necklace is ageless and elegant. We create what we like to wear - comfortable, versatile, relaxed, timeless…

Each necklace is hand crafted by us, at our atelier in London. This allows us to perfectly match the pearl shape and tone to your colouring, features and personality – feel beautifully confident with perfectly matched pearls.

In this post, we’ll break down our top pearl necklaces, from freshwater pearl necklaces to delicate pendants. Read on to discover your favourite.

1.    Pearl choker

Pearl choker necklaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. Each of our pearl choker necklaces is designed to sit just above your collarbone to lengthen your neck, soften your jawline and enhance your skin’s radiance. Pearl chokers are very much in vogue, worn by many young designers, however the design is ageless. In fact, pearl chokers can also be used to conceal wrinkles around the base of the neck as the years go by.

Our leather pearl choker necklaces are ideal for the daytime. Pair them with a soft knit jumper for an edgy juxtaposition of styles. You can also layer them with pearl chain necklaces for a relaxed look. For the evening, channel the maximalist trend with a multistrand choker and strapless dress for added drama.

2.    Freshwater pearl necklace

Made from the world’s most popular pearls, freshwater pearl necklaces evoke timeless elegance. Their silky lustre is subtle and as such, freshwater pearls are highly wearable. They are also more affordable than other pearl types, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Thanks to a spectrum of natural shades, our freshwater pearl necklaces are available in a myriad of colours. If classic white pearls don’t fit your style, how about a cool set of grey pearls or a warm, creamy pink pearl necklace instead? It’s entirely up to you!

3.    Long pearl necklace

Whether you have a penchant for vintage jewellery or you like the flattering line a long pearl strand gives your silhouette, our long pearl necklaces have you covered. Designed to be layered, they effortlessly add an extra dimension to a variety of outfits.

Opt for a single strand of white pearls for a classic look, or a bold lariat with a multitude of pearls twisted elegantly together for parties. For the daytime, try multicolour chain or silk styles for a contemporary twist. Either way, our long pearl necklaces will elongate your figure to give the illusion of more height. They can also be layered up and styled in numerous ways to suit you.

4.    Pearl pendant

If you are looking for comfortable, versatile, relaxed and subtle - the pearl pendant will never go out of style. Often featuring just one single pearl, pearl pendants are understated enough for casual wear or to add a hint of elegance to any outfit. Pearls symbolise wisdom, strength, natural beauty and purity – a little reminder just for you, draped around your neck.

Opt for a simple pearl pendant with a delicate silver or gold chain for a minimalistic look that won’t overpower your outfit. Alternatively, we also offer more colourful styles featuring semi-precious gems and tasselled detailing – perfect for special occasions.

5.    Black pearl necklace

If you want to try something a bit different, let’s explore the black pearl necklace. These dark, moody pearls that subvert the ordinary, have become a modern staple for many, as their tone complements all colours.

Through the day, stick to subtle single pearl designs or opt for a dark leather pearl necklace to bring out your inner ‘warrior’. For formal events and parties, opt for a multistrand black pearl necklace peppered with iridescent Tahitian pearls to add a sense of mystery and sophistication.

6.    White pearl necklace

The iconic white pearl necklace is prized throughout fashion history for its subtle elegance and suitability for every occasion. Worn by figures such as The Queen, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Cara Delavigne and Harry Styles, white pearl necklaces offer a polished, ageless look. Highly versatile, they can be pared back for the daytime or vamped up for the evening with multiple layers and matching accessories.

Opt for a single strand white pearl necklace for work with a pair of pearl stud earrings, then swap your studs for hoops when it’s time for after-work drinks. Choose statement chokers, 1920s-style long pearl necklaces or even designs that incorporate a mix of gemstones for a hint of colour.

7.    Grey pearl necklace

Finally, the grey pearl necklace is a unique look that provides the perfect blend of style and simplicity. Grey pearl necklaces offer an edgier take on white pearls and a softer finish than darker variants – ideal if you can’t quite decide between the two.

Both elegant and neutral, grey pearl necklaces are appropriate in every setting. They also boast a range of pink and blue overtones to suit both warm and cool skin types. There really is a shade of grey to suit everyone.

Choose Pearl Necklaces with Coleman Douglas Pearls

Whatever style and colour you prefer, Coleman Douglas Pearls supplies a wide variety of pearl necklaces to suit you.

From pearl choker necklaces in classic white to long chain pearl necklaces featuring several different shades, there’s something for everyone in our pearl necklace range.

Got something specific in mind? Enquire about our bespoke service now to start the process of creating your very own jewellery box staple with the help of our expert jewellery designers.


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