Dusk Pearl Perfume Essence

Style Number: DuskEssPer

We have our very own pearl friendly essence based on salt and water. Our head design consultant Chrissie worked alongside master parfumier Sileno Cheloni in Florence to create the first essence which actively feeds pearls as it mimics oil natural oils. You can enjoy two fragrances Dawn and Dusk.

Dawn and Dusk essences keep your pearls moist. Each flask contains a pearl which due to its prolonged contact with the essence with have a lingering aroma going forward and can be strung onto your favourite pearl necklace once the essence flask has been finished. Both essences recall fresh sea breeze in Tahiti.

A sophisticated perfume essence which is pearl friendly, Dusk pearl essence perfume builds on our dawn essence, and brings a sultry note with base notes of amber and a woody accord of ambergris and bamboo wood, with the aromatic accord of white thyme and African rosemary as its heart notes, with seaweed, pink salt and bergamot head notes.


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