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Tiffany Unveils Named Designers

  • 1 min read

Tiffany Unveils Named Designers

WWD signals a new departure for Tiffany & Co in the following article

Tiffany Taps Iridesse Designers.
New York - Iridesse is ready to give pearls a designer spin. Tiffany & Co.'s new pearl retail venture name five jewelers who have been chosen to create cultured pearl designs exclusive to Iridesse. The designers are Erica Courtney; Chrissie Coleman Douglas of Coleman Douglas Pearls; Anthony Camargo and David Nakard Armstrong of Anthony Nak; Christian Tse, and Gabrielle Sanchez.
The designers were chosen because of their signature style and their distinguished designs said Robert Cepek, president of Iridesse, he continues to say, We believe each designer contributes their own personal interpretation of cultured pearl jewellery. We feel it is important to explore the full world of design aesthetic of cultured pearls.
Cepek explained that there will be signage within the store to alert shoppers to the exclusive cobranded nature of these collections.
As for the length of the collaboration, Cepek noted: We are unable to disclose the exact timeline, but we are looking forward to a long and healthy collaboration with each of these designers.


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