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FT - How To Spend It

  • 1 min read

FT - How To Spend It


Star editorial of 2012
We have been featured in Lucia van der Post's article, 'Pearl Essence'.
In this article Lucia talks to our Pearl Specialist and Designer , Chrissie Douglas, all about Natural Pearls.

'According to Coleman-Douglas, who can tell a natural pearl from a cultivated one as easily as you and I can tell a tomato from an aubergine, "A natural pearl has many, many layers of nacre and therefore the refraction of light around it gives back what the experts call 'orient'. It is as if your eye is being invited to the innermost core of the pearls."
Chrissie goes on to talk about the differences in price between cultured and natural pearls, and how she finds that '...whitish/pinkish pearls are the most sought-after...'

If you would like to find out more about the differences between Natural and Cultured Pearls, please join us for one of our Pearl Talks happening throughout the year.

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