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What are the Different Types of Pearl Necklaces?

  • 4 min read

What are the Different Types of Pearl Necklaces?

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we design and supply many different types of pearl necklaces to suit all manner of occasions. Our expert team handcraft everything from simple singular-pearl designs to elaborate multi-row necklaces for special events. 

To showcase our full range and help you decide which jewellery design is best for you, read on as we explore each of our pearl necklace types in more detail.

Single vs multi-strand necklaces

Before we look at each individual necklace style, it’s important to consider the basics first. Our vast collection of pearl necklaces features both single and multi-strand designs, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Single strand pearl necklaces are highly versatile jewellery box staples, that give any outfit a sense of classic elegance. A string of iconic white pearls will elevate your look with very little effort. 

If you prefer something a little more striking, multi-strand pearl necklaces could be a great option. Layers of lustrous pearls add drama for a glamorous evening look.

Pearl choker necklaces

Chokers have been in vogue for years. Usually between 13-16 inches in length, these short necklaces sit high on the neck or rest on the collarbone, elongating your neck. Choker necklaces work well with off-the-shoulder tops and can be paired with longer pearls to add more drama and texture to your style.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our pearl choker necklaces are especially flattering, as the round shape softens angular jawlines and the luminous glow against your skin will accentuate your natural beauty. From Parisian leather styles to extravagant evening designs, we have a pearl choker necklace to suit your taste.

Pearl drop necklaces

Pearl drop necklaces are typically subtle and understated, adding a little ‘extra something’ to a simple outfit. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, and are ideal for pairing with V-neck cashmere jumpers and open-collared shirts. 

As industry leading designers, we supply an array of different pearl drop necklaces. From classic seed pearl strands to colourful styles that incorporate semi-precious stones and tassel designs to elongate your figure. You can even purchase an individual pearl with a clip-fastening, to create your own pearl drop necklace (DIY done the fun way!)

Pair your chosen necklace with classic pearl drop earrings to complete the look.

Pearl lariat necklaces

Lariat necklaces are unique in several ways. These long-length, ‘y-shape’ necklaces have no clasp and instead, their strands form a rope-like chain that can be tied around your neck at whichever length you wish. They work particularly well on tall frames and can be styled at the front, or draped down your spine to bring a backless dress to life.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our award-winning pearl lariat necklaces are playful and incredibly tactile. Our trademark freshwater pearl lariats move freely with your body, creating wonderful ‘movement’ to your look. They are available in a variety of colours, and we also offer striking leather and gemstone designs too.

Pair with simple pearl stud earrings to give your statement necklace the spotlight.

Pearl chain necklaces

Chain necklaces are made up of metal rings that interlock to form a chain. They can be delicate or heavy, with chunkier styles becoming increasingly more popular. Finer chain necklaces offer a pared back look and are a subtle addition to everyday outfits.

Our pearl chain necklaces come in either sterling silver or gold, and lengths vary from 14.5 – 40 inches long. Whatever the occasion, we design both long and short styles to suit your needs. We handcraft long chains with pearls peppered intermittently throughout the design for a contemporary finish, and simple chain necklaces with a single pearl as the focal point.

Long pearl necklaces

Long necklaces work to elongate your body and will add interest to your look. They work well with round necks and turtlenecks, adding dimension when layered over clothing. Long necklaces can also be paired with chokers or wrapped twice around your neck to create a multi-level look, as seen on English actress Anna Chancellor.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, our long pearl necklaces come in both single and multi-strand styles. We also offer a range of colours including earthy copper, iridescent black and neutral tones for the daytime. Relive the 1920s flapper era with our long white pearl necklaces or try a silk thread design for a modern twist.

Leather pearl necklaces

Leather necklaces offer an edgy yet casual look for everyday wear. This natural fabric gives a contemporary feel to any outfit, perfect for those seeking something a little out of the ordinary - our leather pearl necklaces are even more distinctive!

The contrast between the two very different materials (strong leather and the soft pearl) is striking, reflecting both the strength and tenderness in every woman. From easy-to-wear leather chokers to simple drop styles and long rope lariat designs, our punchy leather pearl necklaces with freshwater and Tahitian pearls will surely add interest to your look.

Pair with matching leather earrings or hoops to ramp up the attitude even further.

Pearl pendants

Pearl pendants are timeless and will never go out of style. This simple type of necklace is subtle enough for everyday wear and won’t overpower your outfit. Due to their slimline design, pendants work especially well with V-necks and open collars.

At Coleman Douglas Pearls, we design a wide range of pearl pendants. Choose from delicate single pearl designsdiamond-encrusted styles and baroque or cultured rounded pearls. Lengths vary from 14-20 inches, and you can opt for either a sterling silver or gold chain to suit your taste.

The Coleman Douglas hallmark

Most Coleman Douglas Pearls designed necklaces have our signature pearl toggle clasp which ensures putting on and taking off our jewellery is completely hassle-free. In addition, most of our strung pearl necklaces also feature a hallmarked metal tag, embossed with our logo, so you can be sure that your Coleman Douglas Pearls are authentic.

Explore the collection

From chokers to lariats and pendants to chains, Coleman Douglas Pearls has the perfect type of pearl necklace for you.
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