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The Perfect Pearls For Wimbledon

  • 3 min read

The Perfect Pearls For Wimbledon


Pearl Earrings for Wimbledon

July is an exciting month in London as the sun rains down on the capital and the mood gently shifts to one of languid enjoyments in the balmy, bright streets. Aside from the promise of better weather and with it, generally better moods!, July sees the streets of SW19 swell with tennis and sporting aficionados coming together to celebrate The Championships, Wimbledon. Held annually between the 1st to the 14th of July, Wimbledon sees 128 of the very best male and female tennis players in the World compete at the historic venue. Established in 1877 Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the World and perhaps the most coveted. With prize money totalling £34 million, the tournament brings with it not only a boost financially but also the hallowed titles that it bestows. Wimbledon has a special place in the annals of Coleman Douglas Pearls history as the uncle of founder Chrissie Douglas’ mother was married to Dorothy Shepherd-Barron who played at the tournament and finished as a runner up in the doubles of in 1928 and as a winner in 1931. Dorothy also famously played with Charlie Chaplin too! To celebrate Wimbledon, we have chosen five of our pieces of pearl jewellery inspired by the colours of the historic event. 


White (Clothing) As above

Petite Pearl Mini Silver Drop Earrings in White

Wimbledon is famous for its strict dress code where players can only wear white clothing to complete. Indeed, the legendary Roger Federer fell foul of the rules and was forced to change his clothing as the soles of his shoes were orange. We have chosen our gorgeous petite freshwater pearl drop earrings in white to represent the colour of Wimbledon.


Red (Strawberries)

Pink-Black and Freshwater Pearl & red silk Bracelet

Did you know that during the two weeks of the tournament some 166,055 portions of strawberries and cream will be consumed? Arguably the foodstuff most associated with the spectacle, strawberries and cream are a Great British Tradition. Our freshwater pearl on red silk bracelet is made up of pink and peacock black freshwater pearls arranged on strong strawberry red silk thread.

red silk and pearl bracelet

Tradition & Classic (Cream)

Long Freshwater Pearl Necklace in White

It is almost impossible for the weight of history not to hang over the competition that, for over a century and a half, has enthralled spectators and players. What could be more classic than our timeless Long Freshwater Pearl Necklace in White? The beautiful pearl necklace is made from round white cultured freshwater pearls and finished with a sterling silver ball clasp that allows the wearer to double the necklace. Perfect for both formal occasions and adaptable for more easy-going events. How would you wear it to Wimbledon? 

classic pearl necklace

Green (For The Grass Court)

Freshwater Pearl And Silk Necklace In Green

Wimbledon is the only one of the four majors that takes place on a grass court. Trimmed to exactly 8mm each day, the grass courts have become the stage where dreams are made. To celebrate the beauty of the bright green grass we have chosen our Freshwater Pearl And Silk Necklace In Green. A fun and daring item, the necklace makes a wonderful addition to a bohemian look. Dress with a plain white t-shirt, a nod to the championships of course, and you are ready to go.


green silk and pearl necklace

Blue (Blue Skies of July)

Tahitian Pearl And Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Taking place at the start of Summer, the radiant blue skies create a wonderful sensation of fans and players alike. We have chosen our Tahitian Pearl And Rainbow Moonstone Necklace to celebrate the (hopefully) clear skies. This stunning Tahitian cultured pearl and rainbow moonstone pippin necklace. Looks wonderful when worn as the Moonstone comes to life. 

moonstone and pearl necklace

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