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The Perfect Pearls For Valentine's Day

  • 2 min read

The Perfect Pearls For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day fast approaches and the celebration ofthat  person in your life draws closer. Forgoing the usual champagne and chocolates, we have selected three reasons why our pearls make the perfect gift.

A Gift That Compliments Your Complexion 

Did you know that skin colour and tone are important factors when choosing the colour of pearls? For over three decades our family owned business has assisted our clients in finding the perfect pearls that compliment their complexion. Our personal service, available as part of our bespoke appointments at our London atelier, allows our pearl expert to skillfully match our selected pearls to each client. When matching pearls to each client the following factors are considered: 

  • Lustre: A lustrous pearl lights-up the face, subtly enhancing your beauty. All of our pearls have been individually chosen for their depth of lustre.
  • Pearl Colour: Your eye-colour, skin-tone and hair-colour will determine the perfect beauty-enhancing pearl for you.
  • Pearl Shape: Irregular-shaped pearls tend to suit people with prominent features. Round-shaped pearls tend to suit people with very fine features. 
  • Pearl Size & Length: Consider your overall build and age. A graduated row of pearls will lengthen your face and slim your neckline. A choker will accentuate the beauty of your shoulders. A double row of pearls at the base of your neck will conceal wrinkles at later stages in life.

A Rare Gift 

The rarity of a pearl is determined by its lustre, colour and its shape. Coleman Douglas Pearls only  use pearls that are rich in luster; have excellent skin surface; and have good colour with rich overtones, which when worn will literally “light-up” your face, enhancing your natural beauty.  

A Gift For Generations

Pearl jewellery is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Specially selected, the pearls used in our jewellery are prized for their nacre (the natural outer coating of the pearl). Choosing pearls with good nacre ensures the pearls continue to glow for many years to come. Beautifully set by our craftspeople, our pearl jewellery is to be treasured by the lucky recipient - a gift that lasts beyond the 24 hour rush of Valentine’s Day.

See our carefully chosen selection of pearl gifts for Valentine's Day below:


Shop Large Freshwater Pearl Bracelet On Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp

Pearl Bracelet


Shop Joyful Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Tahitian Pearl Pendant

Pearl Valentine's Day pendant

Shop Branch Ring with Sapphires And A Freshwater Pearl On Sterling Silver

Pearl Valentine's Day gift

Shop Freshwater Pearl Cufflinks on Silver

pearl valentines day gifts

Shop Single Strand Freshwater Pearl Large Necklace in Pink

Pink Necklace

Shop South Sea Pearl Earrings with Diamond Accent

Pearl Earrings for VAlentine's Day
For more information or to book a bespoke pearl jewellery appointment, contact our London atelier on + 44 (0) 207 373 3369 or via


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