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Personal Pearls

Need help finding the perfect pearl present? We will make it easy for you..

For over three decades Coleman Douglas Pearls has created beautiful pearl jewellery using ethically sourced pearls from across the world. Each pearl is hand-picked for its lustre, shape, colour and overtones. When the right pearl colour & shape is matched to your complexion the pearl literally “lights-up” your face, enhancing your natural beauty. Book an appointment now to find out what your perfect pearl colour is.

The Personal Pearl Shopping Experience

Our appointments start with a personal service... 

  • Step 1: When booking your consultation we ask each client to send a photograph of themselves with a description of their features, skin tone and neckline preferences. Chrissie (our head designer) will then curate various options for your consultation, tailoring each look specifically to you.
  • Step 2: During the consultation, the process of trying on the curated selection will reveal which pearl colour, shape and length really accentuates your beauty. Further discussions with Chrissie will allow her to expand on initial ideas, make alterations & match the perfect pearl shape and tone to suit your lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Chrissie is a pearl expert, with over 30 years of experience, her expert eye and product knowledge will allow her to choose a pearl design that is unique and expertly matched to you. 

A New Lease of Life

Furthermore, inherited jewellery can be redesigned. We will work with you to adapt the design, allowing you to truly enjoy wearing a piece that is of sentimental value. For example, one of our clients had a pearl necklace inherited from her grandmother. It had languished in her jewellery box for years. By changing the colour of the silk used to string the pearls together, and adding additional gemstones, Chrissie transformed the original design to complement our clients skin tone and facial features - allowing her to truly enjoy something that held real sentimental value to her. A broken stone in a treasured ring or a damaged ring itself can be transformed by our team and beautifully reset, giving each piece a new lease of life. 

Celebrate pearls and celebrate yourself by booking a personal appointment at our London studio. For more information contact our team via  or 0207 373 3369.  


Searching for pearl jewellery but need advice?

A tailored online or in-person consultation ensures your pearls match your style and budget perfectly.