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Generation X Y and Z…

  • 2 min read

Generation X Y and Z…

According to Marco Polo, the kings of Malabar would pass on their pearls from one generation of kings to the next. What a remarkable tradition – echoing our belief that pearls are so timeless in design that they can fit the mood of any generation, age and trend.

Furthermore, we believe that pearls are now so versatile that they suit every generation and sex. Gone are the times were pearls only adorned granny’s Chanel-suited neck at Fortnum’s! Pearls are now being repurposed for men and the daring younger ‘catwalk’ generation, whilst continuing to accentuate the natural beauty of women of all ages, as they have done throughout history.

We are a family business at Coleman Douglas Pearls. I (Chrissie) have had the pleasure of working with, and wearing pearls from the age of 21 to nearly 60! I love wrapping myself in layers of shimmering blue-green multi-coloured pearls; my 30 year-old daughter loves the bold dark leather designs, or the simple diamond and pearl pendant; my husband rocks his stormy Tahitian pearl cufflinks; and granny always used to wear MASSIVE white baroque pearl earrings – the elegant boulder look.

The reason why pearls are universally loved (and increasingly more so) is that you cannot escape the simple fact that when the right pearl colour and shape is matched to your complexion, natural light bounces off the pearls surface and literally “lights-up” your face, making you look brighter and more awake – pearls make you look “good”.

Furthermore, whilst each generation is desperately trying to preserve our world for the next generation (against climate change) - pearls tell the perfect story. They are 100% natural and the only gem that grows in a living creature. They are renewable, unlike mined gemstones, which once removed from the ground will never re-form. Each pearl is unique, one-of-a-kind, and unlike mined gemstones, pearl production preserves the natural environment. Pearl farmers are the subtle eco-warriors of our time.

We think pearls are great, and we hope you will to!


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