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Our Redesigning and restringing service is done in house

In house restringing at Pearls london

Why not restring and redesign your favourite pearl jewellery to maintain your investment? At Coleman Douglas Pearls we offer a fully comprehensive pearl restringing and cleaning service for your cultured and natural pearls alongside our jewellery redesigning service.

All cultured pearl jewellery re-stringing or re-designing will be done in house by our team of professionals, at the studio within our  showroom, located  in central London, United Kingdom.

You may wish to refresh an existing item of jewellery to your specification, in order to assist with this we offer a redesigning service, in addition to our comprehensive jewellery repair service and complimentary pearl cleaning services.

It is advisable to re-string an item of pearl jewellery as soon as the thread discolours, stretches or frays. The point of most stress in a necklace is between the clasp and the first pearl, where the gimp is situated. (Gimp is a metal coil used to protect the silk). Keep an eye out for any sign of discoloration; if the gimp becomes green it is a sure sign that the silk is rotting underneath.

Pearl jewelry guarantee of restringing

The estimate for re-stringing your pearl jewellery can be given when we see the item of jewellery, if the repair or redesigning requirement necessitates work to be undertaken by our goldsmiths an estimate will be given and the cost will be confirmed with you before proceeding.

As we restring the pearls, we can also give them a new lease of life by updating the clasp, restringing on a different colour silk to enhance certain colours in the pearl, match and replace damaged pearls within your strand, or alter the design of the pearls to your specification to create a different "look".

We also offer a pearl cleaning service for your pearls if they have become slightly dull or off colour.

If you have a Coleman Douglas design that has been damaged or needs restringing, bring it to the store with your original invoice. Our designs are guaranteed for a period of 1 year after purchase and will be restrung free of charge within this period, providing the design has not been mistreated.

If you would like to have your pearls restrung or cleaned but cannot get to atelier, we are happy to receive your pearls by Special Delivery post. Please call ahead on 020 7373 3369 so we know to expect the delivery. Please protect the item of jewellery by sending it in a box and well padded, the address to which you should send the Special delivery package containing the repair is: Coleman Douglas Pearls CD Pearls Ltd Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham Street, London SE11 5JH. UK.

For more information on pearl care you might find the advice contained in our section on Taking Care of Pearls useful.

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