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"The beauty of pearls has always seduced me. Pearls lend a mystique to their wearer and a lustre that lights every complexion. For hundreds of years they have been intrinsically linked with romance, art and beauty. Pearls can be dignified, happy, complex - they are always sensual - who could not fall in love with them?" Chrissie Douglas

Pearl selection at Coleman Douglas Pearls

At Coleman Douglas Pearls our British pearl specialist and jewellery designer Christianne Douglas is acclaimed for her design flair as well as her ability to select and source the right pearls to achieve a fresh look. A highly skilled and motivated team backs the designer. Her staff includes personally trained stringers, craftsmen, goldsmiths and silversmiths. Her list of long standing suppliers pride themselves in providing ethically produced pearls of the highest lustre.

Lustre is King

Pearl luster is essential for beauty

In the eyes of our Designer Lustre is THE key factor when it comes to choosing pearls, dull pearls will look heavy to the eye of the beholder, whereas lustrous pearls light up the face of their owner and subtly enhance her beauty. Other key factors to consider are colour, pearl shape, pearl surface perfection and in the case of pearl rows then matching is important. For further information on these and other important criteria refer to the choosing pearls section.

Versatility is Queen

pearl jewelry that is versatile is essential

According to the design ethos of Christianne Coleman Douglas jewellery should be flexible in order for it to be dressed-up or dressed-down to suit the mood and outfit of the owner. The owner should ring the changes rather than be tied down to jewellery that dictates what she can wear. With this in mind each design emphasises the versatility offered by pearl jewellery, giving the wearer the opportunity to use the same piece of jewellery in different ways and also the ability to protect and enhance the investment through re-stringing and re-designing.

Understanding tradition is key

Coleman Douglas Pearls offers a unique product, building upon a thorough knowledge of pearl history and the well-established traditions of pearl jewellery adding contemporary vitality to them.

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