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Happy to assist in choosing the ideal gift for all occasions

Pearl team at Pearls London

We would be delighted to assist in helping you choose the perfect gift or if you prefer draw a shortlist of possible gifts for any occasion, do not hesitate to contact us should you be unable to find the ideal present from the shopping pages of our website. One of our team will be pleased to help you by phone on 0207 373 3369 if you are dialling from within the United Kingdom,  or +44 207 373 3369 if you are dialling from outside the United Kingdom, alternatively you can email any of our team members at

To help us find the perfect item of pearl jewellery it would be helpful for us to know:

  • the eye colour and skin tone of the recipient
  • their approximate dress size
  • their age group
  • your preferred price range

If you are in London and would like to browse our pearl collections we would be happy to welcome you to a meeting in Central London to where our bespoke pearl jewellery service can help to create the perfectly tailored item for you.

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