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Coleman Douglas Pearls gift vouchers

pearl jewelry gift vouchers

We have two types of gift voucher presentation card gift vouchers redeemable in store and virtual gift vouchers exclusively redeemable on-line.

Coleman Douglas Pearls presentation Gift Vouchers which are redeemable in store or by telephone are sold in £50.00, £100.00, £200.00, £250.00 £500.00 and £1250.00 cards. You can buy any multiple of these here. These cards are beautifully printed and will come with a unique code. The recipient will be able to redeem them using the code on the card. The gift voucher can be redeemed over multiple visits.

You can buy gift vouchers at Coleman Douglas Pearls either online, or by contacting us by telephone, email or at our shop.

Should you buy presentation Gift Vouchers at Coleman Douglas Pearls online these will be added to your shopping basket as a normal item. Your Gift Vouchers will be sent to you or the recipient of your gift in the post.

If you prefer to place an order for Gift Vouchers by phone please call 0207 373 3369 from within UK or +44 207 373 3369 for overseas orders. Our customer service team is available Monday to Saturday 10.30 am to 6.30 pm GMT.If you prefer to email your Gift Voucher order, please contact one of our team members at

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