Multistrand Akoya Pearl Necklace with Gold Bows

Style Number: NE1430

A beautiful necklace combining the luster of cultured akoya pearls with the delicate blue to gold tones of aquamarine.
This necklace has a single strand of pearls and aquamarine around the back of the neck that lead into two 18ct yellow gold bows which frame the front triple row section. The necklace closes with our signature pearl clasp.

  • Pearl type: Akoya Pearls Learn more

    Pearl type

    Akoya pearls start life when a technician implants a spherical resin or mother of pearl nucleus into the pearl bearing oyster alongside an epithelial cell graft that has come from the mantle tissue of a donor oyster. The graft forms a pearl sac around the resin or mother of pearl implant within which layers of nacre are secreted to cover the nucleus. Akoya pearl bearing oysters must be three years old before they are able to host a pearl successfully and their life expectancy is only seven years.

  • Pearl size: 5-10mm in diameter Learn more

    Pearl size

    Akoya pearls range in size from 5mm to 10mm and on rare occasions can be 10.5mm in diameter.

  • Pearl shape: Round
  • Pearl colour: White Learn more

    Pearl colour

    Akoya pearls are generally found in all shades of white from very pure white through pale pink to golden tones.

  • Pearl lustre: High Learn more

    Pearl lustre

    Always choose the pearls with the deepest lustre within the budget set, if necessary compromising on size and surface perfection, as it is the lustre which will light up the wearer’s face and will therefore be most flattering. All the pearls we use in Coleman Douglas Pearls jewellery are individually chosen for their lustre.

  • Pearl surface: Very Good
  • Nacre quality: High Learn more

    Nacre quality

    Akoya pearls usually have a good 0.5mm nacre coating. The thicker the nacre is, the longer the pearls will last, and usually the better their lustre will be.

  • Gemstones: Aquamarine
  • Metal description: 18ct Yellow Gold

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